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Why Choose Us?

Your comfort at home, or in the workplace is our #1 priority.

By choosing us you will get the highest quality pest services in the Salt Lake area. You’ll also be supporting a local & family owned business that cares about having a high quality reputation by maintaining a premier service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Kid & Pet Friendly

24 hr Response Time

Common Pests


Western black widow, hobo spider, wolf spider, orb-weaver spider, jumping spider

Did you know that spiders can live in your house for up to 2 years?


Paper wasps, yellow jackets, mud daubers and bald-faced hornets

Some wasp species can remember individual human faces!


Western harvester ant, pavement ant, Argentine ant, carpenter ant, and velvety tree ant

Ants leave pheromones behind them, which can guide other ants to food sources or signal danger.


Deer mice, house mice, voles, pocket gophers

Rats have been shown to exhibit behaviors similar to laughter when playing with other rats, suggesting that they have a sense of humor!


What is that bug?


Do you know what this is? I found it in my kitchen.

Standard Pest Control

Yes, that’s an earwig! They find their way into your home through cracks and crevices looking for dry and warm places. Our most basic treatment plan helps prevent them from sharing your home.

Text us at (801) 455-9457 with a picture of the bug you want us to identify!


Words From Our Customers

Lori N
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Lori N.

Standard Pest control does a phenomenal job! Always communicative and always on time! We have not had any bug issues because he stays on top of keeping us bug free! Great pricing and super easy to work with! 100% glad I switched from those big name companies to someone who actually cares and will do what it takes!

Kyle H
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Kyle H.

I've been using Standard Pest Control for over a year. Very happy and impressed with this company! They have been consistent in the treatments and very responsive with any issues we have. Kelly is always happy to help, and we really appreciate it!

Christina M
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Christina M.

Kelly was kind, professional, punctual and knowledgeable. He did a great job, was thorough, adapted to what we wanted done for the house, and has made me feel more comfortable walking through my house-garage and yard again. Looking forward to our next spray!

Tami H.
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Tami H.

So glad We found standard pest control. We felt as though our home was beginning to be overtaken by bugs, and we literally have not seen a bug in our home since there first treatment. They are easy to work with, fantastically priced and they don’t require a contract. They are willing to do what it takes to make a customer for life.

Jeremy V
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Jeremy V.

Kelly is very professional and thorough with his work. There is actually a noticable difference when he completes his sprays! He is super firemdly and communicates well with his clients. I highly recommend Kelly and his team!

Kelly B.
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Kelly B.

We’ve used Kelly now for at least a year. First time we called him he came the same day and has taken care of us every since. He’s professional and gets the job done quickly but thoroughly. He’s friendly and just a good guy. I give him 10 stars easily.


From the home to the office.


Protect your home and yard.

Pest control can help protect someone’s home and yard by identifying and treating infestations of insects, rodents, and other pests that can cause damage to structures, transmit diseases, and harm plants and landscaping.


Protect your workplace.

Protecting a business from pests through regular pest control measures can prevent damage to property, reduce the risk of product contamination, and maintain a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers.

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